• beamerx-2-projector-with-laptop-projection-onto-a-large-screen

    Home cinema come true

    BeamerX II projector with native full High Definition (HD) resolution quality and real sharp display even project in a big scale screen size and it work on our house wall too.

  • beamerx-2-projector-use-in-a-kindergarten-classroom

    Presentation with unlimited light hours

    BeamerX II projector powered by LED light source and up to 50,000 hours life span. Moreover, it can operate for more than 2 hours in a row (tested for 10 hours) and less maintenance.


#1 Top brand of projector Singapore manufacturer that showcases good HD projector at affordable price. We decide to share across our neighborhood country, Malaysia!


How fast to setup BeamerX II projector?

Very fast. After the power cord and electrical switch are ready, press "Power" button using the remote control. The projection immediately show up without waiting.

How to maintain BeamerX II or often send for projector repair?

BeamerX II projector adapts maintenance-free technology, it has a good cooling system. You only require simple service to upkeep its air filter which is accessible by ourselves.

How many color does BeamerX II projector in total?

4 color: White, Black, Teal (Green), and Pacific Blue

How long does it take to receive BeamerX II projector at home?

We use FedEx Express with a tracking code and you will receive it between 1 - 3 days, after your successful purchase.

How much shall I pay for tax, Free?

It is free. BeamerX will bare the cost and our total price inclusive of duty import tax

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