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Aerglo Muzro Smart Portable Short Throw Projector

Aerglo Muzro Smart Portable Short Throw Projector

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Aerglo Muzro smart portable projector has an inbuilt loud stereo audio and rechargeable battery, Android OS with downloadable and uninstallable apps, and has a finger mouse touchpad for control navigation.

Turn on in less than 5 secs - using the remote controller or manually pressing the power button on the projector

The home screen will show apps, settings, Wi-Fi, Screen Mirroring, and more on startup. The Muzro can perform phone mirroring, laptop mirroring, and tablet mirroring. Otherwise, you may also use the HDMI cable provided to link with the device.

It can be connected to an external speaker via Bluetooth and is able to project media using a USB thumb drive, and Micro SD card.

The Aerglo Muzro Smart Projector stands out in Design & Performance when placed in a room full of star-studded devices.

Aerglo Muzro is a Smart Device running on the latest ‘Android for Projectors’. Comes with a powerful built-in battery, so it’s portable for that special occasion, be it indoors or outdoors.

Very user-friendly with its smooth Glidepad that has the amazing ‘True -to-the-Touch’ feeling. A Touchpad, that’s ‘above the rest.

The Aerglo Muzro also boasts great Dolby Sound built-in speakers that produce loud, clear & crisp audio giving it an edge when comes to the listening experience.

No wonder the Aerglo Muzro is the “Go-To” device each time upon immediately reaching home.

- Smart Android ASOP OS
- Built-in YouTube, Netflix and Internet Browser
- Compatible with VIU, Disney+, Prime Video)
- Amazing Fast 2.4ghz / 5ghz Wi-Fi
- Built-in Bluetooth Audio for BT Speakers or soundbar
- Featherlight: 510g
- Auto & Manual Vertical, 4-corner Image Skew Adjustment (Place on bedside table make easy)
- Built-in battery (~1.5hrs - 2 hrs.)
- Pairable with external mouse and keyboard
- Bult-in Hi-Fi Internal loud speaker
- Screen mirroring your iPhone, iPad and Android Phone Screen (Live Human Size TikTok make easy)
- up to 26 years of LED Light Source (estimated from 1 movie a day)
- Flexible 20" of 120" (Tested & Proven!)
- Guarantee 100" Projection in HDB Tiny Bedroom (No Installation or Renovation needed, On & Play)

  • 1 * HDMI port
  • 2 * USB ports
  • 1 * Audio Jack port
  • 1 * Micro SD slot
  • 1 * DC port

12-months warranty

Limited Lifetime Service Warranty
Our team stands behind your purchase. If you experience an issue with technical or manufacturing, we will provide you with a solution and any verified defect with 1 for 1 exchange at no cost to you.

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