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Supa Pico Version

All I can say, this is a great and latest one, this is not my first time buying mini projector. Decide to give it a try as I have an old version bought back in last 2 years and now it shown everything error and app unsupported (Pico brands). This Neutrino model works with my old apps. The staff are helpful to demonstrate everything.

Great projector

This projector is great for the price. Audio is also good. The whole family enjoys watching movies and the screen is as big as the entire wall.

Harga Berbaloi dan Berkualiti

Memang dah nak beli yang lain pastu ternampak BeamerX. Gambar ini snap terus depan dinding umah, tak pakai pun skrin projekter. Sangat jelas lah nak kata besar dari saiz tv. Takde bunyi kipas dah hebat dah projekter skrg. Speaker deras dan lantang, ada bluetut gak

Amazing projector

Amazing projector for the price point, very happy with the brightness and color. Easy set up, had it up and running within a few minutes.

Best Home Projector ever~

Forgot my video haha

P. S. You'll need a mouse for easier navigation in Netflix but alls good

Best Home Projector ever~

Neat packaging and love the colour~ my favourite colour~
Was very helpful on WhatsApp no matter what time I chat with my questions etc haha

I'm from Kota Kinabalu and there was a few problems with customs clearance but not such a big problem after clearing some things with them.. Do know you need to pay a customs tax before you can collect the item, but its definitely worth the money.

Finally fulfilled my dream of a mini cinema at home, hard to leave the room after a TV series is playing..

Even my mum wants one for her room now.. But colour she wanted is not in stock yet.. Do check before purchasing beforehand~ but it's definitely worth the wait..
Thanks again~

Yeah It Got Me Dance

Thanks Toby! you're very helpful and I'd really enjoy it very much, purposely use it in my room for movie, dance, yoga exercise, and work from home presentation. Now while I'm dancing, my view angle can look up refer the video while standing, I use to look at the bottom of laptop screen.

Best to contact and check the available color before placing order, they are selling fast! Worth it!

Nice Movie Theatre !!!!

Wow BeamerX got real sharp and bright quality here in my room! Highly recommended as before my hubby was getting low pixel projector such a waste of money. Now we love this one more ..haha

This projector is brilliant.

The most useful settings for me is the four-corner keystone adjustment. In case the picture was distorted from the angle of the projector, you can change it to be a perfect rectangle.
I bought the smart version, which has Bluetooth function. I can connect my speakers to it, producing a decent sound. The fan is quite silent, but not totally. Once you're watching something, and the audio is playing you won't notice it.

Amazing product!!!

I am in love with this product.
The keystone correction is life saving. 4 corners, horizontal, vertical, and at the same distance you can if you need shrink the image based on your environment needs.
The tripod makes it easier to watch movies on the ceiling.
The customer support is amazing as well.

Not bad

The projector is quite clear, sound quality also not bad. the downside is that if bring it out, need to bring a portable to charge :) but overall for a home cinema is quite good!

Very good product , easy to connect and quality also good , every household need atleast one

Happy with the product with fast delivery 🚚 Bought for movie night weekends🥳

Great little projector!

This is the first projector I bought and I was pleasantly surprised that it already came with a tripod and all the cables. The picture quality is really decent although it is native 720p quality it is still decent for chilling at home.

I love this great TV alternative for movie night. Picture quality is pretty good. Quite surprising for a projector this size.

Great for painters

I use this to shine my design onto the wall and do my tracing for the mural. The projector delivered accurate colour and detail. I am so happy with this device.

The product is genuine and performing good

The quality is nice and sharp
Very recommended
Im from malaysia
So dont affraid to order if u interested

Seriously impressed

Image quality is amazing for the size of projection you get. Very crisp and clear and the focus ring let’s you dial in really well. remote control and control menus were easy and intuitive

Turn your room into a movie theater

I am totally blown away by the movie-like experience I get from this projector. I can stream netflix and all my apps, basically turning it into a smart tv.

Very satisfied given its price and quality. Clear picture and fully portable. I feel like I am watching movie in the cinema all the time.

Got this over the weekend and I absolutely love it. It's a quality product with a lot of functions. Glad to have bought it!

Great projector

I'm a user for lumos projector, I recently sold my lumos and got beamer X 2 instead, the winner is obvious.

Beamer X 2 to me is sharper and better picture quality

Worth every penny spend

I would really recommend this product as I am a tech head my self.
1. Seller Mr Toby very responsive and decent 👌 guy to chat and clear your doubts.
2. Packaging one of the best packaging and neat.
3. Device is smooth, clear.and nice. Happy with the image. The darker the room the better the image.
4. Overall 5 star 🌟 bro.
5. Oh ya they use DHL FOR DELIVERY! THANK GOD.

Hi Ragu,

Thanks so much for your feedback! We’re really glad you enjoyed our BeamerX II, we’ve found it’s a definite customer favorite!

Thanks again for the review and for being such a great customer.

BeamerX MY

Make your own home cinema

Design, ciri² terkini & harga yg bersesuaian dgn produk dimiliki..
Penghantaran & pembungkusan cepat serta kemas..
Bantuan dari staff beamerX juga sangat² bagus dlm menjelaskan penggunaan & kekeliruan yg timbul.. gudjob 👍
Kini saya dah miliki mini pawagam dirumah..

This is small and compact, but a mighty machine. It comes with everything you need to set it up. It even comes with a remote and a carrying case. It’s lightweight and easy to take everywhere you want to go. The Keystone Correction makes it easy to adjust the vertical alignment and the focus wheel helps sharpens the picture. Overall this is a nice quality mini projector that you can take with you anywhere.