BeamerX Projector Malaysia: Projector Buying Guide

Projector are no longer made just for office boardrooms or cinemas, projectors are perfect for displaying your favorite content either at home or on the move.

This buying guide is here to help you understand the different types of projectors and the technology that is available. We’ve answered some key questions you may have about projectors, to help you decide which model is right for your needs.

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Types of projection

There are three types of projectors to suit different room sizes. Choose between a long, short, or ultra-short throw projector depending on whether you need to display images in a large or small room.

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What is Short Throw projector?

Short Throw projectors can be positioned quite close to a wall or screen and can still project an image. Ideal for smaller spaces, they can project from as close as 0.8 m to the screen.

What is Ultra Short Throw projector?

Ultra Short Throw or UST projectors can be positioned Super close to a wall or screen and can still project a large image. Ideal for smaller spaces, they can project from as close as 0.4 m to the screen.

What is Long Throw projector?

Long Throw projector are designed to be positioned further away from a wall or screen and can project huge images that are perfect for larger spaces. With our range of long throw projector, you can project from up to 15 m away from a wall or screen.

Types of projector

Projectors come in different shapes and sizes for a variety of purposes, so we’ve split them down into their own groups - Home Cinema Projectors, Portable Projectors, Office Projectors, All in One Projectors and Compact Projectors.

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What is a home cinema projector?

A Home Cinema projector can display Full HD resolutions just like a TV. Perfect for projecting large, crisp images, Home Cinema projectors can connect to your existing set-top box and speaker setup.

What is a portable projector?

A Portable projector is small and lightweight enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Sometimes called ‘Pico’ projectors, Portable projectors have built-in batteries so that you can easily watch films or give a presentation wherever you are.

What is a office projector?

Designed for professional and school environments, Office projectors will suit those who need to present a talk or give a presentation. They include various ports for connecting external devices like speakers or laptops and they project bright, clear images in a variety of lighting conditions.

What is an all in one projector?

Featuring integrated speakers and 3D capabilities, the All in One projector have all the features of a Home Cinema projector without the need to connect to external speakers. With high contrast ratios and short throw capabilities, the All in One projector produce incredibly crisp and clear imagery in any size room.

What is a compact projector?

With all the features of a standard-sized projector but in a much smaller format, Compact projectors combine the best parts of a Home Cinema projector with the lightweight design of a Portable projector.

Video Resolution

How many pixels the projected image is made up of? Generally, the higher the number of pixels, the more detailed the picture quality will be.

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What are the different resolutions available for projectors?

Full HD - 1920 x 1080

HD Ready - 1280x720

WXGA - 1280 x 800

XGA - 1024 x 768

SVGA - 800 x 600

WVGA - 800 x 480

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